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Why PickleMinton?

PickleMinton combines the best of your favorite sports!

PickleMinton gives you the strung racquet FEEL of badminton & tennis, the EASE of PLAY and LOW IMPACT of Pickleball, and the EXCITEMENT of Table Tennis!

The PickleMinton shuttlecock or “birdie” consists of a large corked “volant” with a skirt typically twice (2x) the diameter of a standard badminton birdie. The flight is significantly slower than a standard badminton birdie and a functional test hit from the PickleMinton baseline at approx. 80% strength will land at about 75% of distance into the opposing court side.

The PickleMinton racquet consists of a strung shorty racquet 53cm length or shorter. The racquet face, however may be up to 10cm wider than a standard badminton racquet. The combination of the short length, wide face racquet with a large slow shuttlecock make this sport easy for beginners to quickly engage in satisfying rallies. It also offers experienced racquet sport players a challenging, yet low impact sport with the “feel” of their favorite games, such as tennis, badminton and table tennis (ping pong).