PickleMinton Inaugural Tourney

PickleMinton tourney flyer

2 UPCOMING Events! Dec 21 Smashville Holiday Tourney at KOP! Info coming.
Dec 22 World Premiere Launch of the new sport: PickleMinton & Smashville Members Party! FREE Entry! JR & Adult brackets  FOOD * FUN * PRIZES * TOURNEY * PHOTO CONTEST


PickleMinton Photo & Video Contest

$100. Prize money!

Contestants may submit 30 second max video clips via link to FB, YouTube, Instagram, etc host.  Contestants may submit up to 5 still photos for consideration for the Photo contest.

First Prize: $50.

Second Prize $30.

Third Prize  $20.

Fourth Prize: 3 Smashville punchcard credits for play

Fifth Prize: 2 Smashville punchcard credits for play